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Our team of professionals

  • Ekaterina KochetkovaTutor and a Material Developer.

    She is a tutor and a material developer of an online professional development course ICT Integration in Language Classroom Course. She is also a designer and content manager of Learning and Teaching with the WEB.

    Her research interests are Web 2.0 Tools for Education Purposes, ICT Integration in Language Classroom.


    2004-2006 - Higher Education (Master's Degree), InternationalPublic Relations, Department of Foreign Languages and Area Studies, MSU, Diploma

    1998-2002 – Higher Education (Bachelor's Degree), Interpreter, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies, MSU, Diploma

    2008 – HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, MSU, Certificate

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  • Anna Lyubomskaya Teacher at Moscow State University, Department of Foreign Languages and Area Studies.

    Anna runs face-to-face ESL courses and is also involved in Distance Professional Development Courses for teachers as a tutor at the department of Foreign Languages and Area Studies, Lomonosov MSU.

    Her research interest is Developing of ICT competence of Foreign Language Teachers through Online Courses.


    2012 – present – Postgraduate school, EFL Methodology, Department of Foreign Languages and Area Studies, Lomonosov Moscow State University

    2010 – ICT Integration in Language Classroom Course, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Certificate

    2008-2012 – Specialist Degree in Civil Law, Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informational Technologies

    2002-2007 – Specialist Degree in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication, Faculty of Humanities, Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University

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  • Inna Kharlamenko Teacher and tutor at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Department of Foreign Languages and Area Studies.

    Inna runs face-to face and blended courses for science students at Lomonosov Moscow State University. She is also involved in online professional development course Interactive Methods in FLT.

    Her research interests are wikis in FLT, Web 2.0 tools in autonomous students’ activities.


    1996-2001 – Specialist Honours Degree in Physics and Philology (the English Language), Moscow Pedagogical State University

    Professional Development

    • 2015- Development of educational courses on MOODLE, MSU, Certificate
    • 2015- Language, culture and crosscultural communication, MSU, Certificate
    • 2015- Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Web 2.0 Tools, Coursera, Certificate
    • 2015- Innovations in language research and teaching methods, MGIMO, Certificate
    • 2015- Shaping the Way We Teach English,1: The Landscape of English Language Teaching, Coursera, Certificate
    • 2014- TKT Modules 1, 2, 3, BKC, Certificates
    • 2001-Methodology of Russian as a foreign language, MSU, Certificate

    Publications – articles

    • Rukin M., Vinnik M., Kharlamenko I. Macro-and micro-pulsations of physical bodies can be possible precursors of prognostication of natural events// Climate&Nature, Moscow, 2016. # 1 (in English)
    • Kharlamenko I. Typology of Wiki-based Interactive Tasks in Foreign Language Teaching//ELT and Crosscultural Communication. 7th International Scientific and Methodological Conference, Moscow, MSU, 2016 (in Russian)
    • Kharlamenko I. Use of wiki-site for developing writing skills of science students//Vestnik MSU, XIX, Linguistics and Intercultural Communication, Moscow, MSU, 2015. #3 (in Russian)
    • Vinnik M., Kharlamenko I. Concerning the classification of scientific and educational films//Vestnik of Moscow State Region University, Moscow, MSRU, 2015. #4 (in Russian)
    • Kharlamenko I. Presentation skills development via project method//Professional Education.Capital, Moscow, 2015. #3 (in Russian)
    • Kharlamenko I. Experience of using Macmillan Practice Online as a component of Macmillan English Campus platform//Proceedings of International Conference Language. Culture. Translation. Communication. MSU, 2015 (in Russian)
    • Kharlamenko I. The application of wikis in teaching writing skills//Proceedings of the 2nd scientific-practical conference Magic INNO : innovations in language research and teaching methods. Vol. 2 . MGIMO. Moscow, 2015 (in Russian)
    • Kharlamenko I. Difficulties tutors have in their professional activities//Modern information technologies and IT-education [web resource] / Materials of VII international conference – Moscow: MSU, 2014 (in Russian)

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