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In June 2013 HiST and the Lomonosov Moscow State University (LMSU), Department of Foreign Languages and Area Studies, initiated an 18-month project on the subject of immediate feedback impact on language skills development.

The two institutions share experiences on mobile learning. HiST specializes in the development, testing and improvement of technical solutions, while LMSU focuses on language learning pedagogy with digital and mobile technologies. Against this background HiST and LMSU have received a one-year grant (January-December 2013) from the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU) that supports Higher Education cooperation activities between Norway-Russia. This grant is labelled "Enhancing Technology Awareness and Usage of m-Learning in Russia and Norway" and the project number is CPRU-2012/10001.


Analyze the effect of immediate feedback in the context of mobile-assisted foreign language learning and produce quality research publications. An action research based on an experimental setting with several experimental and one control group in each country.


1. Analyze and produce research results regarding the effect of immediate feedback on language skills development in the context of mobile-assisted foreign language learning through testing phases (exams/exercises/tests)
2. Work out methodological framework of a mobile testing tool implementation into foreign language learning (pedagogical perspective), thus introducing some improvements of the piloting tool (technological perspective)
3. Publish article(s) in peer-reviewed journals

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