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Recent international conferences we took part in



International Conference EDULEARN13. 4-6 July 2016, Barcelona, Spain

 Session presentation - Potential of mobile voting tools to design an interactive university lecture (S. Titova, O. Samoylenko)

XXII NATE - Russia International Annual Conference  Crossing into New Frontiers – Facing New Challenges. Smolensk, April, 2016

 Workshop - Mobile technologies for creating interactive  environment in language classroom (S. Titova)

8th International conference ICT in FL and Intercultural communication Teaching , Lomonosov Moscow State University, 1-2 June 2016

 Workshop - Gamification in language classroom: potential and perspectives (S. Titova)

International Conference Connecting Professionally on ELT in Asia: Crossing the Bridge to Excellence, Vladivostok,  30 June – 2 July 2016

 Workshop - Mobile Testing Apps for  Enhancing Language Skills (S. Titova)
 VIII International Conference Teacher, Pupil, Texbook, Moscow State University, Moscow, 26-27 May 2016  Workshop -Digital Storytelling and Augmented Reality Projects in Language Classroom today (S. Titova)
 International Conference of German language Teachers supported by Gete Institute, Minsk, 17-19 March 2016  Plenary  - Massive online open courses in foreign language teaching (S. Titova)
 International conference Traditions and innovations in foreign language,  Moscow, State University of Foreign relations, 8-9 April 2016  Plenary  - Massive online open courses in foreign language teaching (S. Titova)

I Международная научно-практическая конференция «Иностранные языки в науке и образовании: проблемы и перспективы». , г. Москва, НИУ "Высшая школа экономики", Россия, 3-4 декабря 2015

Мастер-класс - Программы ДПО с использованием дистанционных и смешанных форм обучения (Титова С.В.)

Международная междисциплинарная научно-практическая конференция "Язык. Перевод. Культура. Коммуникация". Москва, МГУ им. М.В.Ломоносова, Россия, 18-19 ноября 2015 Мастер-класс - Мобильные технологии в языковом образовании: возможности и перспективы (Titova S., Avramenko A.)
UMBRELLA 2015 Petrozavodsk, Петрозаводск, ПГУ, Россия, 23-26 сентября 2015  Plenary presentation - Mobile Learning in Language Classroom: Harnessing Trends and Challenging Orthodoxies  (Titova S.)
22 International Conference EuroCall 2015,  Padua University, Italy, 26-29 aвгуста 2015  Session presentation - Use of Mobile Testing System PeLe for developing language skills  (Titova S.)
ХХI NATE-RUSSIA INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE INSPIRE AND ASPIRE: TOWARDS NEW TEACHING HORIZONS, Yekaterinburg, Россия, 14-18 апреля 2015  Plenary session - Mobile Technologies
 for Developing Collaboration Skills  (Titova S.)

Modern information technologies and IT-education, Moscow, 2014

Interactive Environment as a model of ICT and Mobile Devices Integration (Avramenko)

New School, Intel, Moscow, 2014

 Teaching Russian for Digital Natives (plenary, Titova, Avramenko)
 IATEFL, Harrogate, 2014  Mobile Assisted Formative Assessment: models of post-test activities (Avramenko)
 E-merging forum, Moscow, 2014  New Educational Standards: mobile competence of students and teachers in Russia (Avramenko)
 ICT in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication, Moscow, 2014  Mobile Component of ICT Competence (Avramenko)
 Languages in the Open Society, Chernigov, Ukraine, 2014  Mobile Google (Avramenko)
 Lomonosov - 2014  Mobile Technologies in Language and Culture Studies (workshop, Titova, Avramenko)

EUROCALL 2014, Annual International Conference CALL Design: Principles and Practice . August 20-23, 2014, Groningen, Netherlands

Session presentation - Mobile voting tools for creating collaboration environment and a new educational design of the university lecture (S. Titova)

6th International Conference ICT Integration into foreign language teaching and intercultural communication. June 5-6, 2014, Moscow, Russia

Workshop - From traditional lectures to MOOC: a new curriculum model of a university lecture (S. Titova)

Session presentations - Structure of ICT competence of Foreign Language Teachers (A. Lubomskaya); Mobile Testing App PeLe for control and peer evaluation (A. Avramenko)
7th International Congress of German Language Teachers. 26 February-1 March, 2014, Minsk, Belorussia

Plenary presentation - Developing ICT Competence of Foreign Language Teachers Today (S.Titova)

Workshop - Mobile Technologies for developing language skills; Methodology of ICT integration in language classroom (S. Titova)

Workshop - Creating virtual learning environment (A. Lubomskaya)
48th Annual International Conference IATEFL. April 2-8, 2014, Harrogate, UK Session presentation - Mobile supported collaboration environment for developing learner language skills (S. Titova)
7th International Conference Textbook, Student and Teacher. November 22-23, 2013, Moscow, Russia

Plenary presentation - Mobile Technologies in Foreign Language Teaching: perspectives and challenges (S. Titova)

Workshop - Use of mobile testing and voting apps for evaluation and control of language skills (S. Titova, A. Avramenko)

EDULEARN13 Conference. 1- 3 July 2013,Barcelona, Spain


Session presentation - Language Acquisition Through Mobile Technologies: A New Fad Or An Unavoidable Necessity? (S. Titova, T. Talmo, A. Avramenko)



XIX NATE - Russia International Annual Conference Crossing into New Frontiers – Facing New Challenges. Surgut, May 16-19, 2013

Plenary - Teaching 'Mobile natives': Challenges and Perspectives (S. Titova)

Workshop - Mobile APPS to Enhance Class Interactivity and Assessment Student Response System (SRS) (S. Titova)


E-merging Forum, British Council, February 28 – March 2, 2013, Moscow, Russia


Workshop – Developing language skills through mobile tests and applications (S. Titova, A. Avramenko)


47th Annual International Conference IATEFL, April 8-12, 2013, Liverpool, UK

Session presentation -Teaching 'mobile natives' in Russia: challenges and perspectives (S. Titova)

Session presentation – Methods of mobile technology implementation in language classrooms (A. Avramenko)

2nd conference New MSU educational Standards and Secondary education, Lomonosov Moscow State University, 17 November 2012

Plenary presentation - New Challenges in Language Education Today (S. Titova)

Section presentation - Mobile applications for language tests and tasks (A. Avramenko)

International conference ICT in Education: Pedagogy, Educational Resources and Quality Assurance. IITE-2012, UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education, MESI, 13-14 November 2012

Session presentation - Teachers’ ICT competence development in the online course “Mobile technologies integration in language classroom” (S. Titova, A. Avramenko)

7th International conference Information Technologies and IT-education, Lomonosov Moscow State University, 9-11 November 2012

Session presentation - Prerequisites of successful integration of mobile technologies into Foreign Language Teaching (S. Titova)

Section presentation - LMS Moodle as a mobile platform (A. Avramenko)

5th International Conference ICT in Foreign Language Teaching, June 6-8, 2012, Moscow State University, Moscow

  • Workshop Mobile Devices in Language Classroom (S. Titova, A. Avramenko)
  • Section presentation The Use of Mobile Dictionaries for development communicative skills (A. Avramenko)

10th International Conference " Languages in Modern World" , May 28-31, 2012, Saratov State University, Russia

  • Plenary presentation Mobile Learning today: Perspectives and Tendencies (S. Titova);
  • Workshop Web 2.0 Tools in FLTeaching (S. Titova, A. Avramenko, M. Ilyahov)
  • Section presentation - Mobile online tests in Language Classroom (A. Avramenko)
  • Section presentation - How to set up an educational wiki site? (M. Ilyahov)

18th International NATE-Russia Annual Conference Rivers of Languages, Rivers of Learning, May 24-26, 2012, Yaroslavl State University, Russia

  • Workshop Developing of ICT Competence of Language Teachers through an Online Professional Development Course (S. Titova)
  • Section presentation - Methods of Mobile Podcasts Implementation (A. Avramenko)

46th Annual International Conference IATEFL, March 19-23, 2012, Glasgow, UK

Session presentation -Online CourseICT Competence of Language Teachers: Strategies and Challenges (S. Titova)

6th International Technology, Education and

Development Conference, INTED2012,

March 5-7, 2012, Valencia, SPAIN


Session presentation - Moodle for ICT competence development (S. Titova)

EUROCALL 2011, Annual International Conference The Call Triangle: Student, Teacher and Institution , September 2-4, 2011, Nottingham, UK

Session presentation -Online professional development course ICT Integration into Language Classroom for Foreign Language Teachers (S. Titova)

5thAnnual International Conference Moscow Education Online 2011 , September 2-4, 2011, Moscow

Session presentation -Web 2.0 Tools Integration into Language Classroom: methods and strategies (S. Titova)

LATEFL and IATEFL International Conference, September 24-27, 2011, Vilnius, Lithuania

Session presentation-Developing FL Teachers' skills to Use E-tools for E-learning(S. Titova)

Annual Science Festival, September 2011, MSU, Moscow


Workshop -Blogging for Learning not just for Fun (S. Titova)

Neue Medien und Sprachenlernen, Goethe-Institut, March 24-26, 2011, Minsk, Belorussia

Workshops - Blended Learning: Methods and Tools; Web 2.0 in Foreign Language Teaching (S. Titova)

International Conference Languages in Open Society , October 19-20, 2010, Chernigov State Pedagogical University, Ukraine

Plenary - The role of Visualization of Information in Foreign Language Teaching (S. Titova) ; workshop (S. Titova)


4th International Conference ICT in Foreign Language Teaching and Intercultural Communication, June 4-5, 2010, Moscow State University, Moscow


Plenary - Didactic, social and technological characteristics of Web 2.0 Tools (S. Titova)

International Conference Foreign Languages today 2010: tendencies and Perspectives in Russian Education, 29 November- 1 December, Surgut State University, Russia


Plenary presentation - How to develop ICT competence of teachers; workshop New Computer Technologies in FLTeaching and Translation. (S. Titova)

15th International NATE-Russia Annual Conference 2009, June 25-27, 2009, Kazan State Power University, Kazan, Russia

Workshop - Teaching Literature and ICT: is there anything in common? (S. Titova)

14th International NATE-Russia Conference Building Bridges with Languages and Cultures, June 26-28, 2008, Vladivostok, Russia


Workshop - Using Social Networking Sites and Services in FL Teaching. (S. Titova)

JALTCALL 2008 International Conference, Nagoya University of Commerce & Business, Nagoya, Japan

Session presentation - Social Networking Sites (blogs) in the Language Classroom (S. Titova)

20th English Australia Education Conference Diversity: a Catalyst for innovation, September 13-15, 2007, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

TESOL Panelist - Teaching English in Higher Institutions in Russia: problems and perspectives (S. Titova)