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Students are eager to embrace new ideas and try new technologies.

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning covers two main functions of the Internet (access to information and communication).

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Tools for Teachers

The advent of Web 2.0 tools has drastically altered our understanding of e-learning and its potential in language classrooms.

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Online courses and webinars for professional development

Since 2009 we have offered online opportunities and resources for professional development of language teachers. More than 500 teachers from all over Russia and CIS have successfully graduated from our courses. We have long-term distance courses and free short-term series of webinars on ICT and mobile technologies in language teaching. Graduates of the courses are awarded state certificates.

Test your ICT and mobile competence

Today we can’t imagine either our working place without a computer or our classroom without mobile devices. Proper integration of these technologies in language education depends on both students’ and teachers’ ICT and mobile competence. Test yourself!

Teachers’ ICT competence test
Teachers’ mobile competence test
Students’ mobile competence test