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Our team the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies at Lomonosov Moscow State University, have been using a mixture of webinars and multimedia authoring for some time now.
We provide online courses in history, literature, culture studies and languages. We are also running a high-profile professional development for teachers, specializing in ICT in teaching of foreign languages and FLT methods and tools.

Our history- and culture-related courses are free-for-all and produced at the expense of the faculty. We have contracted a production force that films, edits and publishes a selection our online courses that are then published on a publicly accessible platform (we use Vimeo). After we publish a new installment of our course, we hold a Q&A session through our webinars platform.

Our courses in professional development are paid-only and held through our webinar platform. See our courses and webinar schedule on the webinar website: http://webinar.ffl.msu.ru/ (in Russian).