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Webinar alternatives

Webinars are a very targeted and specialized solution for lecturing online to a large audience. Let’s look at related solutions that could come in handy.
Skype is best for one-on-one video and audio calls over the web. For a small price, Skype allows multi-video-streaming. Downsides — a somewhat clumsy solution for one-time-listeners (complex contacts management), and no way to post a link to join a Skype conversation. Upsides — almost everyone now has Skype.

Video services (YouTube, Vimeo et c.)let you upload your videos and share them with whoever you like. Upsides — they are mostly free and very reliable, you can share your content with the world. Downsides — asynchronous feedback through comments to videos. No decent real-time conversation can stem from that technology. Another downside — since your video is there to stay, you might want to invest into its quality, and that is never effortless or cheap.