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How to set up a webinar

Setting a webinar is rather easy once you’ve selected a friendly webinar service provider in your area or anywhere in the world.
For our webinar needs, we contracted a Russian company Webinar.ru.

Your webinar service provider typically gives you access to a webinar control panel that allows you to schedule and launch webinars, manage webinar invitations, record webinars and manage the recorded content. Most of the platforms are very user-friendly and intuitive, so you are very unlikely to require extra training. Your audience doesn’t need to log into the console at all, all they need to do is follow the link to the webinar in the invitations you send from the control panel.

For the lecturer side, certain technical restrictions apply. A webinar is pointless without a microphone and a webcam (most laptops come equipped with those by default), so make sure your hardware is audio- and video-enabled. Also, webinars require a broadband connection for the teacher to send streaming video and audio to the distribution server. Typically, a dedicated 1 Mbit channel is more than enough, but make sure to consult with your local technical staff. If your school provides a reliable and high-speed wireless connection, it is very likely to work too, but bear in mind that wireless connection is often shared with other teachers and students, and during a webinar you will need a priority in allocating overall traffic. So the best option is to always use a local area network connection provided by your organization.