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Free Wiki Tools

Wikispaces proves to be one of the best, highly reliable, easy to use and intuitive free wiki platforms to use as your wiki platform. With at least 100 MB of file storage space, it can prove sufficient for most academic needs of a small group. Recent classroom-oriented updates makes Wikispates your top choice for classroom wiki use.
Wikia offers a more modern look, has more features and a vast fan base for attracting commercially active communities — Twilight fans, healthy food fans and alike. Less suitable for educational use for incessant advertising on every page of your wiki.
ZohoWiki provides state-of-the-art interface and functions for a modern corporate-inclined wiki. Best for tech-savvy classrooms.
Wiki Site is a native WikiMedia-based free wiki hosting with limited features and resources.
WikiDot offers free plans for wiki sites with advertising. Standard wiki functionality.