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Using Wikis in education

Teaching Foreign Languages with Wikis — a wiki dedicated to tools and techniques that help EFL teachers use wikis in everyday work.
Project-Based Learning — a thorough walkthrough in all areas of Project-based learning, including the use of wikis.
Project-based learning: Wikis — is an overview of the PBL methodology with wikis as a primary performance tool.
Edutopia — an excellent resource site dedicated to new learning technologies, including project-based learning and collaborative strategies.
Piotr Konieczny, Wikis and Wikipedia as a Teaching Tool introduces the wiki-based instruction at an editing angle, with Wikipedia at its center.
Wikis in Education at C2 — the proto-wiki resource, contains a wealth of doubts, ideas and suggestions on how to use wikis in education. The discussion is on the first ever wiki website created by the inventor of Wiki — Ward Cunningham.
Emigh William , Susan C. Herring, Collaborative Authoring on the Web — A Genre Analysis of Online Encyclopedias.
ELT Teachers Using Wikis lists a number of projects worth looking at ahead of starting your own educational wiki.
Ellie Dahlgren, Chanitra Bishop, Adrianne Wadewitz, Teaching with Wikipedia is a guide to safely using Wikipedia, its principles and content in teaching.
Jennifer Dorman, Teaching in a Participatory Culture contains insightful points about the global culture of digital participation and a brief walkthrough of the wiki philosophy.