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Multimedia Web Tools

Photofunia helps you easily manipulate photos to create beautiful collages, photo effects, stylizations and even short animations. Great for preparing presentation materials.
Infogram is an interactive infographics builder, allowing you to easily visualize your data with interactive widgets.
Pixlr is the best online photo and image editing software out there. As powerful as Photoshop, it is free to use and extremely user-friendly. With most of its power concentrated in the remote server, it can suit all of your image editing needs for education, while being free and accessible to all students and teachers. Use it edit images for your wiki pages.
Animoto helps you create stunning video presentations that feature your photos, vides and text. Great for collages, project presentations and photo reports.
Youtube and Youtube Editor together make a perfect couple of tools that fulfill all your video storage and editing needs for educational and personal use. Upload your videos to Youtube and edit them online in its own built-in editor for free, with no extra software required.
Prezi offers a new take on online presentations and keynotes. In a few easy steps, you build stunning dynamic presentations that catch your students’ eye and let you communicate complex ideas easily. Prezi’s effortless embedding lets you easily place your presentations into your wiki sites.
Haiku Deck is an iOS app that lest you create stunning presentations with powerful imagery and decent typography.
Pixton is an online comic generator. Easily add sets, characters and words, and lay them out in an appealing comic strip. Perfect for visual storytelling.
Google docs offer a good way to remotely edit your documents before publishing them to a wiki site. With powerful collaboration tools, you could co-create your content with your colleagues. However, these tools can only be used as a supporting technology due to lack of any version control. You can also embed certain parts of your Google documents on a wiki site.
Online HTML Editor is a great tool to create more complex HTML pages than the ones available in the wiki editor. Please note that not all wiki platforms fully support HTML markup. Many of them have their own legacy wiki markup, which is mostly incompatible with HTML. Consult with your wiki platform for details or do a small test run before investing your time into building pages with this fantastic editor.
Bubbl.us is a free online brainstorming platform that allows embedding mind map widgets into your wiki site. Can be used as a presentation tool when explaining complex interconnected ideas and issues.
Timetoast is an online timeline designer. Use it to create historical timelines for your class. Let your students design their own timelines for their projects.