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Wiki Experience

TEFLPedia — A great example of a professional teachers’ community that comes together by means of a wiki site.
Student Wiki Guide is ready-to-use student manual for Wikispaces.
Using Wikispaces At UMB (presentation)could be used as an introductory presentation of Wikispaces. More in-depth instruction and clear structure will help your students quickly get used to the new platform.
Richard Doyle, English Fifteen in 15 Weeks! is a fascinating ESP wiki-based project held at Penn State.
Gabrilovich, Evgeniy and Shaul Markovitch. 2006. Overcoming the Brittleness Bottleneck Using Wikipedia: Enhancing Text Categorization with Encyclopedic Knowledge. A fascinating insight into using Wikipedia in education the way it was supposed to be used.
Wikiversity, a Wikipedia-Like Learning Community is an example of a vivid and vibrant learning community operating with the help of wiki technology.
Briann Laugher, Teaching Responsible Use of Wikipedia is an inspiring and very instructive presentation on the ethics of wiki collaboration and the exact mechanisms of improving the wiki knowledge.
Henry Jenkins, Wikis in Professional Learning can be interesting for its cases in industrial use of wikis. Contains testimonials from industry professionals regarding the use of wikis in occupational and corporate training.
Vicky Davis, Wonderful world of Wikis — Vicky Davis offers a wide selection of beautiful wiki examples in education.