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Course Description

This course will introduce students to a picture of American society. I have chosen to base the course on American Memory and some other online resources. The course is designed to serve as a "bridge" for students, a transition from ESL courses to regular academic study. It means that materials will be studied in order to improve students' academic study skills, learning strategies and language abilities in all four skill areas - reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Course Requirements

Minimum requirements for passing this course are substantial course participation; on-time work and satisfactory attendance. To succeed in the course, you will need to read assignments carefully, to follow the syllabus and be prepared to discuss the readings in-depth when you come to class.

This is not a lecture course! Class time will be devoted mainly to discussion of the readings which will require preparation and participation on your part!

We will use the Internet as a resource. Even if you are experienced with the computers and the software, you should be prepared to spend time outside of class (either at home or at the lab's open hours) on various assignments.

During the semester you will be required:

• to make an oral presentation as your pre-writing activity;

• to take two tests and some vocabulary quizzes;

• to take part in weekly class participation.