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1. Establish and formalise long term cooperation agreement between HiST and LMSU where the complementary expertise within mobile learning at the two institutions is optimized in order to enhance research activities, and apply the results into practice towards teaching foreign languages. This includes: further development of mobile learning methods, research related to development and validation of new, emerging online text-response services, and joint deployment of the results into training of instructors in each country. Such a work may only be successful, if it is based up on a common understanding and acceptance in the leadership at both institutions.
2. Organise two workshops (one in each country) for networking and development of joint international projects that increase the R&D activities within mobile learning in the two institutions. These are going to be open workshops where external experts, regional actors, teachers, instructors and researchers are invited to participate. It is expected that 20-25 persons will attend each workshop.
3. Investigate if it is possible to cooperate and develop learning material that may be re-used in each country. This may reduce the cost of ownership through development costs, and serve as the basis to provide joint training activities that support training of instructors who want to start using mobile learning methods. This framework includes implementation of virtual mobility and frequent usage of video communication, thus supporting the emerging low carbon economy in Europe.
4. HiST invites one PhD student for a 1-2 week stay in Trondheim towards the end of the year 2012. This is going to be a pilot visit that investigates if it is possible to develop and formalise a mobility and exchange program targeting PhD scientific staff at LMSU. The key issue will be to try to develop sustainable economical solutions for cofunding of these students stay, during the 1-2 weeks they are carrying out research together with students at HiST, due to the high living costs in Trondheim.