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English language teaching


BBC Learning English – this site has quizzes, topical audio for listening comprehension, grammar exercises, and worksheets for students and teachers.
Teaching English – is produced by the British Council with content and editorial support from the British Broadcasting Corporation.
OneStopEnglish – has over 450,000 registered users in more than 100 countries around the world and contains over 6,500 resources, including lesson plans, worksheets, audio, video and flash cards.
About ESL – this site provides a great deal of materials for classroom use, with diversity in interests and topics.
ESL Printables – this is a site where EFL/ESL teachers from around the world can share their lesson plans
Dave's ESL cafe – virtual cafe for teachers and students from all over the world. It systemises resources on various categories, such as idioms, phrasal verbs, pronunciation, quizzes, slang, etc.
Rong Chang Li Site – a starting point for learners who want to study English through the Web, it has been established by the author of the first web resources guide book in the US. Resources are structured according to skills.
ESL Study Hall – a catalogue by professor Melani from Washington University. It includes a variety of exercises on skills’ development, language and culture material. Student site reviews are provided.
English Club – Cambridge web resource on grammar, vocabulary and skills’ development for English learners. It possesses materials both for teachers and students.
FreeEnglishStudy – communicative skills development and language practice.
TeachingEnglish – BBC based collection of tools and materials.
CambridgeEnglishTeacher – English teachers’ community with lists of resources, professional development courses and events.
TES connect – 75,995 Free English resources: English lesson plans, English worksheets, English revision, English teaching ideas and much more.
WebEnglishTeacher – the best of K-12 English Language Arts teaching resources: lesson plans, videos, e-texts, technology integration, criticism, and classroom activities. Permission to link is granted to any educational site.
Merlot II - Open educational Resources, software, textbooks, courses, open access journal.
OER Commons - a hub of educational software lets you combine text, pictures, sound, files and video.



Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab – the most popular resource for listening skills development. It offers structured podcasts with all necessary series of exercises and help tips.
Learning Oral English Online – a site for English learners of different levels, you will find special podcasts for ESL/EFL instructors.
Listen and Learn – real conversations with online tasks and transcripts, there are not only podcasts for main levels but also pronunciation tasks, business vocabulary pieces, so-called pie plus magazine with videos updated weekly and some extra materials for all categories as well.
British Council Podcasts – a reliable resource with online tasks, the main peculiarity important for teachers is that all podcasts are presented as series.
BBC Radio podcasts and tasks aimed at listening skills improvement and enlarging your English vocabulary.
Breaking News English – recent news podcasts, this material is up-to-date and involving, current uploads are supplied with lesson plans.
The Teaching American History Podcast – lectures to develop listening skills and cultural background.
English Grammar Help Podcast – podcasts on English Grammar, lessons on grammar topics are updated every day which motivates students to do tasks on time.
Luke’s English Podcast – funny British English podcasts where the author answers your questions and replies to your letters, these podcasts are easy to apply individually or they might serve as homework tasks.
ESL Teacher Talk Podcast – broadcasts for EL teachers on classroom management, lesson planning advice and job search tips.
English Teacher John – easy-to-understand English learning podcasts, most proper for elementary and intermediate levels.
Better at English – conversational British and American English podcasts which give an opportunity to teach rather conversational language with its most popular dialects than to focus only on academic style.
Fun English Lessons – comedy style talk shows which might serve as a warmer or bonus for your students at the beginning or at the end of the class.
The Rob and Bob Show – entertaining conversations between Rob (Britain) and Bob (US). It’s just what you need if you take into consideration culture differences and language varieties.
SpeakingEnglish, Edgycation – podcast collections which will help you to find proper material for your students and courses.
CUlips ESL podcast – the fun English learning podcasts.
New York Times podcasts and CNN podcasting – latest news, book and film reviews, interviews, etc..
Nature podcasts – podcasts on environmental issues.
Library of Congress podcasts - treasures of the Library by its experts and special guests.



ELLO (English Listening Lesson Library Online) - at this site you can find audio and video clips for classroom use.
Free Online Talking Dictionary – an online dictionary which contains voice recordings of words and gives a deeper knowledge in the sphere of English pronunciation.
BBC Pronunciation – pronunciation tips where you find not only rules but some pronunciation quizzes and other exercises as well.
English Pronunciation – activities and exercises on pronunciation, it is important that this resource has some tips for teachers how to present and practise English pronunciation.
Forvo – a guide to pronunciation with classified words and opportunity to contact native speakers.
Oxford University Press Pronunciation - English Sounds Pronunciation Chart.



Liter Active – helps to develop reading skills for children by means of e-Poetry, e-Picture books and other involving, effective, modern and easy tools.
Star Fall – a site designed for children, it consists of alphabet learning stage, followed by reading practise of three levels: starting, having fun and reading.
Reading Skills Pyramid – a resource for schoolchildren, their parents and teachers, the so-called pyramid structures teaching reading process.
eHelper – daily reading comprehension themes for school, teachers have the chance to create weekly reading books for their pupils.
Into the Book – learn and practice reading strategies, teachers are able to get all necessary information, guidelines and materials to apply the theory in practise.
English for Everyone – Free Reading Comprehension Worksheets which are divided into short stories, critical reading, role play and other styles of papers, each category in its turn is divided into levels.



EssayPunch – a free interactive essay writing tutorial, you might try the demo free activity to get acquainted with the strategies and to make sure that you need these tasks in your course.
Writing Fun – a vocabulary and syntax for effective writing resource. It’s extremely important to entertain your students a little bit with various activities especially when dealing with such tiring issue as writing.
English the Easy Way – guidelines on writing essay, resume, blogging, etc.; a variety of paper types is presented here including ways of online communication.
AutoEnglish – writing tasks for different levels of language students divided by topics.
ESL About – series of tasks on writing skills development.
Ego4u – rules and practice on English punctuation.



Karin’s ESL Partyland Quiz Center – level oriented tests with the opportunity to communicate with teachers from all over the world.
English Language Center Study Zone – University of Victoria grammar site with interactive exercises and help page.
Self-Study Quizzes for ESL Students – TESL grammar page, it’s best to use for grammar revision.
The Quiz Zone – a grammar exercises collection with brain training games which add some diversity to grammar drill.
English Tests and Quizzes: Practice for Students of English – interactive tests, games and discussions on grammar issues, tenses are paid special attention to here.
Preply - English Grammar reference


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French language teaching


Le point du FLE
Français facile
Français avec Pièrre


Compréhension orale

Podcast français facile
Radio française en ligne
Elle podcasts
Podcasts français
ISCPA podcasts
PodMust podcasts
Cartable podcasts
Français authentique
France podcasts
Radio France
Google podcasts
Le Monde podcasts
Journal 08h00


Compréhension écrite

20 minutes
Le Figaro
Le Monde
• Le Baobab bleu
Le plaisir d’apprendre
Franchement FLE
Cap sur le FLE
FLE en un clic


Production orale

Le point du FLE
Les experts FLE
Cap sur le FLE
Litté FLE
Le baobab bleu
Le blog des profs


Production écrite

Le point du FLE
Franchement FLE 
Les experts FLE 
Cap sur le FLE 
Le moteur du FLE
• Le FLE en un clic
Mondo linguo
Exercices à imprimer



Grammaire française
Grammaire élémentaire de la langue française
L’OBS conjugaison


Podcast français facile
La dictée
Tout en français
• Lingua


Podcast français facile
Le point du FLE
Le Boabab bleu
Les parents


Le Robert
Le dictionnaire

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