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The aim of the course is to introduce students to a picture of American society. The main emphasis is made on contemporary America: its beliefs, values, traditions, geography, political and economic situation, education, religious and social life, etc. Under scrutiny will be recurring themes in American History as they relate to the present. Students will use various materials as part of their quest to understand the United States, including online articles, historical documents, speeches of outstanding Americans, websites, films and documentaries.

This course will help students to gain a better understanding of American culture, its underlying characteristics and to develop their language skills (listening, reading, speaking); it also stimulates cross-cultural approach to American studies.


The requirements for this course:
• do weekly reading;
• participate in discussions (colloquiums and case studies);
• pass two tests (Midterm and Final);
• post weekly on your group e-portfolio;
• create a web project and prepare presentation of the web project.

To succeed in the course, you will need to read assignments carefully - that is, more than once - to follow the syllabus and be prepared to discuss the readings in-depth when you come to class.