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Tool of the Month - PeLe (October – November, 2013)

What is PeLe?

PeLe is a web based Peer Learning Assessment System for mobile devices © HiST. Peer learning (tuition and assessment) methods undertake evaluation process as means of studying. PeLe is a flexible tool for tests and language practice as well as for communicative tasks. It provides the opportunity not only to observe students’ progress but also to give immediate feedback on mistakes and to discuss challenging issues. That is why PeLe might be used for summative assessment but primarily and perfectly suits formative assessment tasks. PeLe suits the teaching goals for a few reasons:
• PeLe is interactive
• PeLe is focused on immediate feedback, explanations and discussions
• PeLe helps arrange group and pair work
• PeLe helps prepare students for standardized exams
• PeLe motivates students


PeLe is designed for multiple choice questions. There is the opportunity to upload questions but it is not obligatory (the questions might be provided on paper). The teacher has a chance to observe on his/her laptop of students taking the test through browsers on any (mobile) devices. Having got students’ results the teacher is to provide immediate feedback and arrange discussions on the most challenging issues. There is the possibility to re-vote for any particular question for the second time after discussion through SRS which is integrated with PeLe.







Before PeLe test


  1. 1. Prepares the questions
  2. 2. Uploads the alternatives for answers
  3. 3. Uploads the questions (optional) or provides them on paper
  4. 4. Starts the test from a laptop
  5. 5. Gives the link to the test to students

One link for all tests by this teacher with different names of sessions for particular tests.



  1. Follow the link to the test
  2. Log in with their names
  3. Choose the session (particular test)


During PeLe test


Observes the process of students selecting answers

Do the test through a browser on mobile devices


Post PeLe test activities


Gives immediate feedback:

  1. 1. Chooses most challenging issues according to students results
  2. 2. Gives explanation and arranges discussion in pairs or groups
  3. 3. Provides the opportunity to re-vote for a particular question via SRS

Get immediate feedback:


  1. Undertake most challenging issues
  2. Discuss them
  3. Re-vote for particular questions via SRS (optional)


Instructional videos, leaflets and manuals on PeLe and SRS (in ENG and RUS)