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Tool of the Month - Mobilestudy.org (June, 2012)

What is Mobilestudy.org?

Mobilestudy.org is a free tool to create your own quizzes. Mobile Study is ideal for educational content because it provides the opportunity to take a quiz not only at home at your PC but just-in-time and just-in-place on any mobile device. Mobile quizzes can be downloaded onto mobile phones, smartphones or any other mobile devices. Once downloaded they may be done with no internet connection anytime and anywhere including a traditional classroom.

Mobile quizzes are applied within any courses. They suit perfectly language lessons. Being interactive mobile quizzes provide instant anonymous feedback. Students get both correct answers and explanations to all of them. They become engaged in the process having the opportunity to take quizzes as many times as they need.

How to create your own mobile quiz

1. Go to mobilestudy.org
2. Sign up or login
3. Create a quiz in three steps: give a title and an introduction to it => enter your questions with explanations and answers (the number of answers and questions is unlimited) DO NOT FORGET TO TICK THE RIGHT ANSWER => share the links to take the quiz online and to download it

How to apply your own mobile quiz

Mobile quizzes are suitable for practice and assessment. Mobile quizzes contain language material and are integrated within communicative exercises. On the one hand mobile quizzes are indispensable for grammar and vocabulary practice; on the other hand they serve as a supporting tool for various tasks on receptive skills development.

All quizzes created by one author are situated within one link as a list of online exercises. The teacher can edit quizzes, make them public or hide them for some time. Students do not need registration to do a public quiz. However having given the task to a group the teacher receives the number of attempts as well as the highest and lowest results.

How we apply mobile quizzes

We offer our students to take listening comprehension quizzes when working with podcasts and grammar quizzes. Here is a link to three grammar quizzes for an intermediate group: http://mobilestudy.org/u/12251 Since we should not overdo with technology in education, we introduce mobile grammar quizzes only for major topics such as tenses, reported speech and modal verbs. These are mobile quizzes aimed at language practice. Students do them at home or anywhere. On the average each of our students takes the quizzes at least twice. We open assessment mobile quizzes just before the lesson and then hide them. Normally after mobile quizzes practice there are not more than 2-3 mistakes in the final test for the whole group of 10 students. That's how mobile quizzes prove to be effective in language classroom.

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