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Tool of the Month - Dropbox (January, 2013)

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox, founded in 2007, is a file hosting service that offers cloud storage with file synchronization. It means that when a user creates a document or a folder on their computer or mobile device with Dropbox software, it synchronises materials so that the same documemt or folder is accessible from any device through the website with the password of the user or through mobile applications. If the user is working on a document within Dropbox software, all the changes are added automatically onto the cloud.

Opportunities for clients:

• Storage for files of ANY format
• 2 Gb FREE (max. 8 Gb per user)
• Accessible through ANY device (Windows, Linux, Mac and mobile devices: Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows 7 + Symbian under work now)
• Share your documents with everyone or with certain users
• Integrate Dropbox in your work with other apps such as Evernote, for example, or some social sites (Facebook, Instagram, mail, etc.) and save eBooks from ePubBooks onto the cloud to read them anywhere anytime

Stages of work (practical tips):

• Create your own account for FREE: https://www.dropbox.com
• Download Dropbox software for FREE: https://www.dropbox.com (choose your device)
• Add your files to Dropbox storage on your device
• Access Dropbox files through any device
• Work in Dropbox on your device and save all changes automatically onto the cloud

Methods of Dropbox integration in education:

• Collaborative work (web projects): Ss work in the same document or folder collaboratively, like on Google Docs
• LMS (web syllabus): share your folder with web syllabus, course description, requirements, useful links, materials (such as handouts, PP presentations) with Ss
• Homework: Ss give in their papers not by mail but by uploading them onto Dropbox – you have the opportunity to correct anything their and do not need to send it back as all the changes are saved automatically
• Taking notes: offer your Ss to take notes in Dropbox on any of their devices and they will always have them at hand through any device
• Multimedia support: show multimedia materials through Dropbox and you won’t need to download them from your PC onto your mobile device or USB + offer your Ss to record themselves with DropVox