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Conferences 2017


The 15th International Asia TEFL Conference 2017 and the 64th TEFLIN International Conference, "ELT in Asia in the Digital Era: Global Citizenship and Identity", Indonesia, 13-15 July

EDULEARN17 - The 9th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies 2017, Barcelona, Spain, 17 July


International Conference on Digital Technology in Education (ICDTE 2017), Taipei, Taiwan, 6-8 August

International Conference on New Trends in English Language Teaching and Testing that will take place in Dubai, UAE, 24 August

EUROCALL 2017, Southampton, 23-26 August


Technology for Second Language Learning Conference, Iowa, (North America), USA. 22-23 September

eLearning Africa 2017 - 12th International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training, Republic of Mauritius (Africa) 27-29 September


IATEFL Hungary Conference, Budapest, Hungary, 6-8 October

International conference “eLearning Stakeholders and Researchers Summit 2017”, Moscow, Russia, HSE, 10-11 October

The Second International Conference on “MOOCs, language learning and mobility”, Naples (Italy) 13 – 14 October

2017 Ohio TESOL Conference, "40 Years of Excellence in English Language Education," Ohio, USA, 27-28 October

mLearn 2017 - 16th World Conference On Mobile And Contextual Learning, Cyprus, October 30 - November 1


Language. Culture. Translation. Communication. Moscow, MSU, 2-3 November

TESL Ontario's 45th Annual Conference, Toronto, November 2-3

ICETML 2017: 19th International Conference on Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, Barcelona, Spain, November 2 – 3

International Conference on Education and E-Learning (ICEEL 2017), Bangkok, Thailand, 2-4 November

The 10th edition of the International Conference ICT for Language Learning, Florence, Italy, 9 - 10 November

ANUPI TESOL 15th International Conference 2017, "Inspiring Academic Excellence in ELT - 15 Years of Innovation," Mexico, (North America). 12-15 November

XII International scientific practical conference “Modern IT and IT-education”, Moscow, Russia, MSU, 24-26 November

International Conference on Interactive Mobile Communication, Technologies and Learning, Thessaloniki, Greece, 30 November – 1 December


International Conference on ESP, "New Technologies and Digital Learning," Hong Kong. 7-9 December

LAAB (Language Education Across Borders) conference, Graz, Austria, 8-10 December

ICDLE 2017 8th International Conference on Distance Learning and Education_EI , Barcelona, Spain, 20-22 December


International conferences we took part in