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Student's portfolios

Since pages in a wiki site are editable, students can use their personal pages as their portfolios. In a portfolio, students list their academic achievements (works, tests, participation in projects etc.) and reflect upon their achievements and progress along the learning path.

Examples of student portfolios:
• A wiki profile and portfolio of a FFLAS MSU student. You can also see other portfolios in the same project.
• Wiki profiles and portfolios of ICT students at FFLAS MSU.

Learn more about portfolios:
A comprehensive e-portfolio resource by a leading e-portfolio expert Dr. Helen Barrett.
A section of Teacher Tap dedicated to portfolios with lots of resources to uncover. A great starting point to get familiar with the e-portfolio technology.
Trikartikaningsih Byas, e-Portfolios and Student Wiki Interdisciplinary Group Project. An article describing the use of e-portfolios in a wiki environment.