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Web 2.0 Tools to create web activities

Blogger, LiveJournal – blogs.
Twitter, Plurk – mini blogs.
MediaWiki, TWiki, Wikispaces, Wikia, PBWorks – wikiplatforms.
Delicious, BobrDobr, Visualize, Diigo – social bookmarking.
SlideShare, SlideBoom – РР presentations.
Voxopop – an easy tool to record yourself and upload the recording.
ESLVideo – a tool to create tests and quizzes with videos. You can post the test on blogs and websites.
Voice Thread – photos with voice comments, this platform is quite popular in distance and blended education as it enables teachers and students to practice vocabulary and skills in an entertaining and engaging way.
CommunityWalk – maps and virtual excursions with descriptions and pictures for area studies.
Blabberize – blabbers (speaking pictures): you need just to upload a photo and a text. It will make the picture articulate and motivate your students to improve listening, speaking and pronunciation skills.
Dvolver Moviemaker – a tool to create short cartoons with dialogues.
SurveyMonkey, KwikSurveys – free online surveys, they are useful for research and project work that might help you to make your students apply a foreign language within an authentic task.
PhotoFunia – a tool to create effects for images and texts; pictures are known as one of the best ways of motivating students and this technology enlarges the variety of exercises with pictures.
Wordle – a tool to create word clouds, it is great to analyze texts, to emphasise active vocabulary and to practise it.
Mahara – an open source, very popular nowadays ePortfolio tool which helps to create portfolios with multimedia resouces.
WallWisher – a board tool for notes, a new way of getting feedback from your students, of communication and sharing opinions, ideas and news.
ESLvideo – dynamic tests that might be used in your blog or website.
Quizlet - Quizlet's flashcards, tests, and study games make learning fun and engaging for students of all ages