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What is Mobile Learning?

Mobile learning (m-learning) is implementation of mobile devices to access and study learning materials and to communicate with the institution, tutors and fellow students. In this respect m-learning covers two main functions of the Internet (access to information and communication).

Mobile Resources

Mobile resources are your mobile device tools that might be applied with educational purposes. These resources prove to be simple and free to install and use. Some functions and opportunities differ with various devices however basic resources are similar with most cell and smart phones, laptops and tablets.

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Our Projects in Mobile Learning

Our team has been doing research on mobile learning since 2011. Recently we have been involved in a few projects in the field of mobile devices integration in language teaching.

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Mobile learning blog is devoted to the latest news in the sphere of mobile devices' application in education. Read here about new apps and projects, be aware of recent conferences and other events. The blog is updated every few weeks.

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